Ankole Watusi Cattle's ancestry can be traced back more than 6,000 years. Traditionally, Ankole Watusi were considered sacred. These majestic, exotic cattle are famous for being the world's largest horned cattle. Their massive horns can grow to six feet or more. The wider the spread, the more valuable this breed becomes. This breed of cattle has played a major role in the lives of various African tribes - Tutsi, Ankole, Bahima, Bashi, and Bakiga. Tutsi are most often associated with the breed.


Ankole Watusi first came to America in the 1960's. Today, less than 2,300 Foundation Pure Ankole Watusi have been registered. River Oaks Cattle Company's goal is to preserve the Foundation Pure bloodlines, and aid in the development of this breed by our select breeding program. We make young cows and bulls available to other breeders, zoological parks, and safari preservations, and educate the public on the history, characteristics, and advantages of this fantastic breed.


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