ENTEBBE:  A Miracle 33 Years in the Making


The Ankole-Watusi arrived in the United States in the 1960's; the exact date is unknown. By 1979, a really nice two-year old chocolate bull called Ankole #5 stood out as the best-horned, best conformation  and best attitude of the herd. He soon was proclaimed possibly the greatest bull in the breed. A bull that had it all and put it all in his calves.


After all efforts by Darol Dickinson of Dickinson Cattle Co. to purchase this bull failed, Darol bought several straws of Ankole #5 semen. Darol retained this semen for 33 years. He then placed one straw of Ankole #5 semen in the Buffalo Bill cow Afro Keezena who's Dam was by Liar's Lake Country Boy and out of a Fortune 11 cow.


On April 17, 2015, a wild African-colored bull calf was born by artificial insemination thanks to Ankole #5. A miracle 33 years in the making!  This young bull is now located at River Oaks Cattle Company in Robbins, NC. We look forward to his progeny and invite you to visit our ranch and see the only living son of Ankole #5. We will always be grateful to Darol Dickinson and family for making this transaction possible.


About Entebbe


Not one other Watusi bull in the world has this pedigree. Entebbe's sire, Ankole 5 was the best early Watusi in the seventies. Buffalo Bill, his grandsire is believed by many to be the top Watusi horn sire now. There are no other sons of Ankole 5 living today. He is a unique out-cross for all Watusi herds.


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Robbins, NC • 910 - 464 - 5244